Why Escorts Royal

Escorts Royal is highly professional with excellent feedback and a long list of clients that remain regulars because they know they can depend on us for outstanding experiences, time after time.

Exquisite and highly recommended escorts suitable for any occasion whether public or private.

Escorts Royal offers you a wide range of high-class escorts who will cater to you as you wish. Our escort girls can accompany you on several occasions; they can be your date to a (business) meeting, a premiere, and a trip abroad or be your companion to a romantic dinner with a very special dessert. We provide accurate escort profiles, high levels of experience, and because our escorts love their job, it reflects in customer satisfaction levels.

We keep attracting beautiful young women who are equally thrilled to meet refined gentlemen.

Fake-free policy.

 We promote carefully selected escorts through personal interviews, recent and genuine pictures and genuine feedback from regular clients.

We believe in providing an honest, transparent service, which is why we introduced the Genuine Picture Guarantee. This means that our models profile pictures have been compared with how they look in a personal interview, as well as what they look like in informal selfies with little or no makeup to ensure that you are seeing the real deal before you book. Many of our ladies will also have unedited snapshots and selfies available on their profile so you can be sure that you are getting the real deal with us. We guarantee there is nothing that can ruin the excitement and fun of using an escort service such as false advertising.

This is why at Escorts Royal, we cover your booking with our Genuine Picture Guarantee so you can book any of our models safe in the knowledge that the models you see in our portfolio are the same ladies you can experience in person.