Terms & Agreements

By confirming a booking, you agree to abide by our “Terms” for meeting with the girls – so, please make sure you read the “Terms” before you confirm a booking.

By using this website or any of our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with (part of) the terms and conditions, we ask you to make use of another escort agency. Escorts Royal reserves the right at any time to modify the terms and or replace.

  1. Acknowledgement

By accessing, viewing the Escorts Royal Agency pages or arranging to meet one of our girls, you acknowledge that you are 18 years old or older; that the services you access, the information you view are not in any way illegal/unlawful in your country. That you consent to view material that may contain sexual and/or explicit sexual content of adult nature.

  1. Discretion and confidentiality

Discretion is just as important for you and for us, the information provided by you as a Client will be treated with discretion. The data is only used for verification of bookings and payments and cancellation rates. We do our utmost to keep all your data confidential, our escort have all previously signed a special contract.

  1. Escorts

The ladies are not our employees. They work independently, but have chosen to be listed on our website. Adult services are matters between you as the client and your chosen Escort.

All Escorts Royal Girls are entitled to refuse a customer who is or appears to be drunk, on drugs, dirty or smelly, violent, abusive, or anything that gives our girls cause for concern.

  1. Client Requirements

Everyone is welcome to use our service. We expect that the Principal is 18 or older, if escort doubts here they will ask for your ID when you can not deliver this we are forced to terminate the booking immediately.

– Location requirements

Our escorts can visit in any 4 star (or above) hotel, under certain conditions it is also possible to receive our escort in a private residence. This house needs to be hygienic, in a safe environment and we prefer that the client and the escort already had an appointment, but this is not mandatory.

– Alcohol and drug policy

Our escorts are usually social drinkers; they enjoy a good glass of wine or champagne while dining. Large amounts of alcohol are not allowed and will be rejected. We have a strict anti-drug policy. We expect the client never to offer drugs to the ladies. If you yourself decide to use drugs is that your responsibility, but if the escort is very uncomfortable, she has the right to terminate the reservation without refund.

  1. Respect

We care about our girls’ health including their mental, physical, and social well-being by supporting them permanently and intensively. We kindly ask you (as our honored client) to also take care of our escorts so that in future they will also have fun in their part-time job. We expect respectful handling of our Escorts thus it will create a perfect harmony. If an Escort says no for a service, which she doesn’t offer, it means NO. Please accept that.

Our girls must send us an SMS (for both incalls and outcalls) to confirm all is OK – if they don’t, our staffs will undertake all necessary legal steps. Unpleasant occurrences will be registered and sent to the blacklist.

Furthermore, it is not appreciated when you ask the lady in question for her private phone number, your relationship is strictly business and all contact goes through our agency. The high-class escort chose herself to be represented by Escorts Royal because of privacy and discretion reasons.

  1. Services

Escorts Royal website provides dating service for adults. Services provided by an escort to you are based on lady’s sole discretion. Information in services section on escort’s profile page is based on the data provided by escort herself. This is a mere guidance and not a menu.

  1. Fees

If you and our girls go out for the evening, remember you have only paid her for her time – everything else, dinner, drinks, taxi fares, whatever, are for you to cover.

For outcalls: taxi out and return is your cost too. If there is anyone other than the client in the room, the girl leaves instantly – no exceptions.

Travelling fees, including taxi charges apply for outcalls and discussed with you in any particular case. Incall fees do not incur travel costs, unless one escorts is travelling to another to meet you.

  1. Booking

You can arrange an appointment with one of our Escorts and Models by text messaging via WhatsApp.

For the security of our Escorts, we require:

– your name (no need for surname in most cases)

– Exact address of the meeting point (by hotels we need in addition your room no.)

– your phone number or if a hotel, the hotel number. So that we can confirm the meeting back.

In the case of international travel we need a pre-payment of the travel expenses (normally the flight cost) plus 50 % of the agreed rate.

Please do NOT call to the booking line provided on the website – we use it to communicate via WhatsApp only, we don’t answer voice calls, and we don’t call back.

Bookings made for the same day are considered as “confirmed” as soon as all terms and details are agreed.

Bookings made for the next day or any future date are considered as “reserved” (but not finally confirmed). We will contact you on the day with an SMS – and if you don’t answer us then your “reservation” is cancelled.

  1. Cancellation

Once we agree a time with you and confirm it by SMS, please come on time. If any problems arise or you change your mind please be respectful and cancel your visit by SMS, it’s a courtesy to the girls.

We do not charge any rates for cancelling the incall appointments. Should escort already be on the way to you (outcall booking) we will kindly ask to cover taxi expenses.

Should we have already booked the flight and in the event, where we do not get a refund from the airline, this amount will not be reimbursed to you. If an escort is already on her way to you to farther area, another town, city or country we would normally ask to pay for the time she spent travelling to you.

  1. Payments

We accept payments in cash; Euros only; tips for the girls are welcome!

The financial part has to be done within the first 10 minutes of your appointment, directly with the escort.

If you made a pre-payment with international Escort, please pay the missing part of your payment directly to our Escort girl at the beginning of your date.

We could accept GBP, USD and CHF just for travel ladies who visit the clients outside of Eurozone.  Please ask for our conversion rate.

  1. Security and Protection

The safety of our escorts is paramount. Security is present if the escort’s request. Our escorts have the opportunity to deploy a private chauffeur or personal security.

  1. Complaints

In the unlikely event, where you are unhappy with your chosen Escort or her service, please contact us immediately so that we can interfere. After the appointment, we are not able to react, however, any complaints are taken very seriously and it helps us improve our outstanding service.