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There are many ways to hire an escort in Italy. Some men may try their chances in bars and clubs and some may attempt to find escorts in the street or on the road (OTR). It involves physical meetings before settling the agreement. Such style is pretty common and it is still popular among some gentlemen but it has its pros and cons.


  • The client can see and evaluate the physical appearance and attitude of the girl
  • The rate can be lower compared to other solutions


  • The chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is quite high.
  • The quality of the services is usually at a minimum level.
  • It is not discreet and there is always a chance of being seen accidentally by friends and family
  • It is potentially dangerous when you don’t know whom you are dealing with. She can be just a girl or a gang that used the girl as a bait.

Searching online would be another solution. Nowadays and with the development of online businesses, it is easy to find escorts online. You can browse the listing websites (directories) or Escort agencies’ websites and find the models whom you would like. You can always see there are independent escorts and escorts who work for agencies. Let’s review the pros and cons of visiting independent and agency escorts.

Advantages of meeting with independent escorts in Italy:

  • The price is not necessarily cheaper but there might be room for the clients to bargain.
  • Not always but sometimes the clients have the chance to chat directly with the girls. (many independent girls use operators these days)

Disadvantages of meeting with independent girls in Italy:

  • Fake profiles are probably the biggest issue the punters face when they search for independent escorts. In some cases, the photos are real but they are shot many years ago. Also, keep in mind that photo-retouching apps are freely available on smartphones and it is pretty easy to convert a toad to a queen.
  • Poor quality of the services in the absence of a quality control mechanism is another problem. Since the independent girls are their own boss, it is normal that she does not punish or complain to herself.
  • Accepting the chance of STDs transmission similar to the OTR girls.
  • The independent girls who respond and schedule clients themselves tend to have messy client support. The response time is subject to their availability at that moment. Imagine that she is busy for 2 hours with a single client. Either she has to choose to respond to the phone and keep the current client dissatisfied or she can turn the phone off and let the potential visitors wait for 2 hours.
  • Most of the independent call girls think about the maximum profitability. It means they sacrifice many standards to cut the costs. Shared apartments without privacy, a minimum level of cleanliness, bad neighborhood, and lack of safety are just some common issues.
  • Many independent escorts stay in one city for a short period and go back to their home after a while without leaving any trace behind. It means they can vanish if something goes wrong. Stealing from a client could be considered as a good example.
  • While the independent girls remain anonymous, the clients expose too much sensitive information that can be used against them by a desperate or angry independent escort. Phone numbers, home addresses and private chats might be dangerous in the hand of an inappropriate person. Reading the news, such info is used for blackmailing once in a while.

Visiting the Escorts from a reliable Escort agency:

It is hard to point out any particular disadvantages when we talk about a trusted escort agency but we can count numerous advantages. It takes a long time for an agency to create its image and to build up trust among the gentlemen. Therefore, the agency does its best to protect this image and to earn loyalty.

  • A reliable escort agency never uses fake photos. Nor it uses an old or highly retouched portfolio for the girls. In Escort Royal, we even publish 1 or 2 recent videos to make you sure about the current appearance of the model.
  • Escorts Royal starts cooperating with the models after conducting three sessions of interview. It allows us to evaluate the different qualities of each model precisely. Such a narrow filter guarantees the high quality of each model as it should be for Italian gentlemen.
  • Our models receive proper instruction explaining the standards that have to be delivered during the meeting. Moreover, we always ask the feedback from our lovely clients and it allows us to maintain the high quality of the services continuously by implementing the feedbacks as a quality control function.
  • Every model must provide us a full checkup certificate before starting the tour. In this way, we can be sure that our girls are in good condition and no risk endangers the health of our clients.
  • Professional operators on booking lines are ready to respond to all your requests. Meanwhile the models can concentrate merely on their job without being responsible for scheduling the clients.
  • A rational escort agency thinks about long-run profitability that is directly related to the quality of the services. Escorts Royal studies every single aspect of this job and tries to pick the best choices which deliver the comfort both for clients and the models. For instance, the escorts in Rome and Escorts in Milan meet the clients in four and five stars hotels in a good area that is easy to reach by Italian gentlemen. There is no need to stress about cleanliness, Privacy, and comfort when it comes to the hotel room.
  • A reputable escort agency with years of experience in the market is less likely to disappear overnight. It is an entity responsible for the actions taken by its models. The client can be sure about the swift response by the agency in case something goes wrong.
  • Whatever private information provided by our clients is confidential and won’t be disclosed to a third party. This might be a good reason that many of our high profile clients prefer to deal with us rather than independent escorts.
  • The fixed rate for the services as well as the list of the services are written on the girls’ pages. So, no unpleasant surprise is expected during the meeting.

The list of advantages can continue but we’d rather stop at this point but you are always welcome to text us if you need some extra clarifications about the services provided by the agency.