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Are you a stunning, naturally beautiful, fit, successful young professional with excellent breeding and a university education? Perhaps you are a rising star or an established public identity needing a discreet, supplementary income with strict confidentiality. Obviously, career success doesn’t always equate to a large/ steady income. If you dream of leading a more independent, stress-free and affluent lifestyle, then you’re in the right place to make that happen.

For a feminine young woman seeking elegant adventures in a stylish setting, our elite VIP escort/ travel companion agency provides the perfect avenue: Full training, security, selected generous gentlemen and 100% support. Our security is strong, and your safety is our #1 priority. This should be a fun, exciting time in your life.

We are looking for female escorts who take pride in their appearance, attractive, have a good body, confident, honest, reliable, out-going and would love to work as an escort because it’s fun. Personality is just as important as looks. We only work with friendly girls who genuinely have a desire to please and of course earn a good living and have a good life style.

Working with Escorts Royal is an exciting and enjoyable opportunity. Our valued angels are like cherished family to us, and we work on a system of mutual honor, manners and loyalty. People who have difficulty communicating and connecting with us will be unlikely to connect with our gentlemen, and will therefore be unsuccessful.

If we’ve piqued your interest, then we’ll be delighted to receive your application. However, please read this entire page to ensure you meet our clients’ requirements, as we are highly selective. We have to be, because our clients are.

Requirements for Escort Work:

You will need to be someone who maintains their fitness and health at all times, and be someone who does not damage their body with illicit drugs or excessive drinking. You should be comfortable in luxury hotels and fine restaurants (ie you should know how to conduct yourself appropriately in high society, and know which cutlery to use when dining, which glass to use, certain business protocol etc). Ideally you will have attended some deportment and finishing school, or etiquette and protocol courses. You should be able to adjust to situations quickly and converse with new people easily. You need to be open to affectionate adventures and create intimate, trusted connections with clients, as with any boyfriend. You need to be extremely friendly, well groomed, caring and reliable. You should feel comfortable with your body, be 18-32, be very classically stylish and discreet, and never discuss clients with anyone outside the agency.

No, unless you wish to upgrade your wardrobe, image or portfolio. We don’t charge any joining fees, or ask you to outlay any expenses to work with us. If there are any expenses, it may be to update your photography portfolio. Unless you have *recent*, natural-looking, high resolution commercial images which fit into the website, you may need to have a new photo-shoot done. Especially if your images have been used elsewhere, on another website. Gentlemen recognizing your images from elsewhere are unlikely to want to meet you. That will be your only potential expense. We want to help you make money, not spend it.  We may recommend some small investments in yourself, such as a new hairstyle etc, to maximize your suitability for the clients. But ultimately the choice is yours. 🙂

This is entirely up to you. Obviously the more you are available, the higher your income can be. But you don’t want to start feeling burned out either. Our success is a team effort, and mutual trust is important. More detail on this is offered during training. 🙂

Working with the Agency:

Being a part of this particular agency is an achievement. Escorts Royal has a flawless international reputation as a professional and secure establishment over past 12 years. High end individuals like lawyers, doctors, celebrities, VIP businessmen and CEOs rely on us to provide absolute excellence. We receive inquiries from a large amount of clientele through word of mouth, and our return caller percentage is high 🙂

Our success is due to our integrity, professionalism and authenticity. We are committed to providing both our quality models and our quality gentlemen with exceptional and enjoyable experiences. Escorts Royal is an internationally registered trademark, and has a renowned, prestigious reputation among the wealthy elite.

There are many people in the world who will try to use you. You’re a precious item and must not be played with! Working with an elite agency like Escorts Royal, you’re safe, protected, and do not lose your feminine appeal, by being forced to endure screening horrid phone calls or unpleasant/ unsafe situations

Escorts Royal offers a genuinely wonderful opportunity for intelligent, successful, beautiful women to supplement their income with a part-time luxurious position as elite VIP companion. Enjoy an excellent return for your time, and meet interesting, lovely new people in the process.

We are selective with both models and callers, so you can rest assured you are always in lovely, warm and caring company.

Once accepted, you decide for which dates you’re available. You’re never forced to go anywhere you don’t want to, or meet anyone you don’t want to.  You are a contractor running your own companion career, under our direction and management. Again, we work together; you don’t work ‘for’ us. There is no duress when working with Escorts Royal, and there is always another model who will be thrilled to attend in your place if you’re unavailable.

Escorts Royal provides a second-to-none secure environment, 100% eternal privacy, and top security. Your safety is monumentally important to us, and no amount of money can jeopardize that. Physically, we ensure your security by thoroughly screening and confirming all clients and by providing security staff to assist you where needed (which is never needed). We are also available by phone at all times when you are at an appointment. We don’t forget about your when you’re booked, and you’re never alone.

You are paid for your time, and your time is for your paying clients only. We don’t charge bonds or take your passport or any of the underhanded practices that go on in deceptive, controlling or money-hungry agencies.

Reputation-wise, we ensure your security by fiercely protecting your identity and images forever. When you stop working with us, your details are destroyed. We don’t keep records of emails or images, and we NEVER disclose your identity to any single person outside of the agency and we expect the same courtesy from you. Your privacy is important to us, and we protect it carefully. We have worked with some very big names over the years, both models and clients alike; no exposure has ever occurred with us, and never will. We believe in karma, and have no interest in causing anyone harm.

We provide a safe, friendly, professional and non-threatening environment, for only the finest individuals seeking a tasteful additional income. We also teach you how to deal with gentlemen, and how to handle all kinds of situations. Only do what you want to do – no unsafe or distasteful ‘extras’ are ever expected.

We look forward to chatting with you and answering all your questions.

Application Procedure:

Right after submitting the form, the applicant will receive a confirmation email, indicating we have received her information. In the next stage, our casting team will evaluate the applicant and she will be informed about the outcome of the assessment.

If you are not selected, we will clarify the reasons in the email as well. Please do not take it personal. We do believe that you are beautiful girl, but it’s just the matter of meeting the initial requirements that are important for our agency.

Pre-selected applicants will be asked to attend in a short Skype interview with our casting team. The main goal of the skype interview is evaluating the applicant’s language skills as well as verifying her authenticity.

Note: Providing the untruthful information while filling the application form may result in misunderstanding during the Skype interview and discontinuation of our relationships with you.

At this stage and after selecting the applicant, we will discuss about every detail which is related to the work such as mutual responsibilities, terms and conditions of the contract, flight ticket, accommodation, photos, and visa.

Once everything is settled, we will plan and set up the mutually acceptable time to begin your tour and you will receive the detailed job instruction as well as recommendation regarding the following aspects of your future trip:

  1. Creating the Portfolio
  2. Accommodation ( Premium class hotels in Rome or Milan) and airport transfer
  3. Issuing the visa

* By filling the form below, you confirm you are over 18, and have read through the information on this page and agree.